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About Simon

I have spent the last twenty years working in the film industry.

Starting in the 90s in the Art dept, I worked my way through from set dresser to art director. During this period I always harboured a passionate desire to direct, and started off with children's television documentaries, which eventually led to commercials.

I moved to London in 1997 and was lucky enough to partner as art director with designer Mike Grant, shooting mainly high end commercials for clients such as Bacardi and British Telecom, music videos for the likes of Radiohead and Jamiroquai, and still shoots with Annie Leibovitz and Rankin for Dazed & Confused magazine.

On the directing front I started developing a project called Valveman which followed the life of Gerald Wells, a man with an extraordinary obsession for vintage radios. It became a doco-drama set in both 1940s and present day London and was shot in UK with postproduction at Park Road Post, Wellington. Recently I have just finished my first feature called 'Rest For The Wicked'. It's a blackly comic tale set inside a rest home that is anything but restful, hiding an underbelly of crime, Viagra-fuelled sex, and murder. For this project I was also lucky enough to work with Tony Barry and John Bach as my lead actors.

I currently have 4-5 other film projects in different stages of development; some treatments and others second draft scripts. They cover an eclectic variety of themes and subjects, with interesting and powerful story lines that I cannot wait to communicate to our audience.

Feature Film

Rest For The Wicked

It doesn't matter what you was It's what you is
And what you is
Is what you are."
- Robyn Hitchcock

Welcome to Knightsbridge Gardens
A rest home where the residents are anything but restful.
Where an ex-hitman hides to continue his work.
Where an ex-cop is undercover and on his tail.
Where the manager is the kind that likes to be cruel.
Where the caregivers bring in escorts on a Friday night - for themselves and the residents.
Where the ghosts of the recently deceased rearrange the furniture.
Where amongst the boiled vegetables and zimmers there is a desire to wear out not rust out.
Where anything is possible, as long as you can still do it.
Yes, Knightsbridge Gardens is sex, drugs and rocking chairs all right. But living here can be murder.



The life of Gerald Wells, a man with an extraordinary obsession for vintage radios. It became a doco-drama set in both 1940s and present day London and was shot in UK with postproduction at Park Road Post, Wellington.

Mustang full stop

This is the story of Petar, a New Zealand gang boss. A man whose entire life has revolved around violence, guns, drug dealing and, inevitably, clashes with the law. Until recently that is.

Because now Petar is in the process of changing. Not only has he prised himself out of the self-perpetuating gang system, he's also trying to help others escape. By offering them work, advice and a safe haven at his new place of employment where he is in charge of engineering and security.

In Production

Flesh And Blood

"He that studieth revenge keepeth his own wounds green, which otherwise would heal and do well."
- John Milton

Shot in black & white, in a similar style to "The White Ribbon", the story is told in retrospect by Claudia Romano, daughter of Pablo.

Prepare for a tale of action, bravery and revenge powerful enough to tear a family apart. Picton, New Zealand - a whaling community. The 1930s. Enzo and Pablo - the Romano brothers - are naturalised New Zealanders of Italian descent who have fallen out over whaling rights in the Tory Channel.

London Calling


When his father has a stroke, wide-eyed kiwi Blair Mitchell travels to London to bring home the prodigal son - older brother Jase. Trouble is, Jase doesn’t want to go home and work on the farm. He’s having way too much fun as a cycle courier. When Blair pushes, Jase goes underground, or so it seems. Out of his depth, Blair must try to find Jason in a city that doesn’t want to give him up. Until bit by bit, he discovers his goldenballs brother is nowhere near as golden as he once thought…

London Calling is a dangerous, drug-fuelled ride through the black heart of modern city life.



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Simon Pattison.
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